National Birth Centers, Inc.

Safe Affordable Choices in Birth

National Birth Centers, Inc. is a rapidly expanding company with birth facilities in forty-three States. We are dedicated to providing excellence in healthcare as well as a variety of birth options for expecting families. Our corporate headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas. We have birth centers from the East coast to the West coast. Established birth centers see the benefits of merging with a national company and join our ranks every month. We continue adding additional birth center locations across the United States.

Our offices and birth centers employ a variety of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, midwives, and doulas. Some locations offer care by family/specialty physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and professional counselors on-site, while other sites refer off-campus when the need arises. All of our centers offer Mother-Friendly Care, quality prenatal appointments, and a variety of options for birth. Some of our locations offer prenatal yoga, exercise classes, nutritional classes, diapering, and baby-wearing classes. 

Our birth centers offer specialized care for pregnant women, and our corporate office manages advertising, marketing, and accounts management, including accounts receivable and filing health insurance claims. National Birth Centers, Inc is contracted with some private payers to ensure fair payments for maternity services. 

National Birth Centers, Inc. provides quality care for patients by employing the best health care providers in the industry. This quality is evident in the satisfied consumers that return year after year for their childbirth needs as well as referring their family and friends to us. We have proven results in the back office through streamlining workflow, accounting, billing, credentialing, and contracting using our amazing team of certified coders, medical compliance officers, practice management professionals, and attorneys. Employing the best practitioners and the best in the back office provides a synergy that continues to ensure our success!

We provide healthcare services and expect appropriate financial compensation.

All patients sign legal documents that designate National Birth Centers, Inc (NBC) as third-party beneficiaries. This allows NBC legal standing to file suit against insurance companies and administrators who fail to process claims properly.  This allows us to obtain proper payment of claims and damages.

National Birth Centers, Inc.