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Accreditation: Seal of Approval

Our birth centers meet national standards in order to provide consistent quality of services provided to childbearing families. Federal and state regulation, licensure, and national accreditation constitute branches of external evaluation of quality in birth centers.  State licensing requirements vary and aren't always in the best interest of the consumer. Accreditation standards that focus specifically on out-of-hospital maternity care are consistent and ensure quality across the nation. 

Accreditation proves that a birth center has met a high standard of evidence-based specifications for maternity care, newborn care, business operations, and safety. A strong internal quality improvement program contributes to success with external measurements of quality. Continuing accreditation demonstrates to consumers and other entities that best practices are being met and maintained by a birth center.

Our Standards include:

Inspection of Equipment and Supplies

Scope of Care

Emergency Plan


Human Resources

Documentation requirements

Ongoing Evaluation of Compliance