National Birth Centers, Inc.

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Administrator of National Birth Centers, Inc.

I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and I suppose that was the first thing that qualified me for this job. My family's experience with hospital birth and alternative birth helped push me over the top. Our first baby was a hospital delivery and although it wasn't a terrible experience, my wife and I both felt there was something missing. The hospital staff was nice but we felt the policies and rules were the most important factor. Everyone understands the need for policies and procedures, that is what keeps situations from being chaotic; yet, we wanted the focus to be deeper than that. We found exactly what we were looking for: our next three children were born with midwives (two at a birth center and one at home).  We loved every minute of our care with our midwives. When I was presented with the opportunity to manage National Birth Centers, Inc. I knew it was the job for me. My family has been impacted by the personal care we received with the midwives. People always ask me, "What if something goes wrong?" I usually respond, "Oh, but what if everything goes right?" I also inform them a hospital is usually just around the corner and you always have that option. I am excited to open more birth centers across the country and give parents a wonderful choice in how and where they expand their families.